This fund has been established to honor Benjamin H. Josephson, MD - pediatrician, family practitioner, teacher, mentor and friend. In combining the highest professional standards of health care with his advocacy for the poor, the young and the disenfranchised, Dr. Josephson stood as an example and inspiration to others. As an ongoing commitment to the continuation of his humanitarian work, this fund provides healthcare professionals with the financial resources necessary to deliver medical services to those in need throughout the world.

About Us

Dr. Benjamin H. Josephson was one of the founding directors and mentors of the Overlook Family Practice Residency Program, a community-based teaching hospital located in Summit, New Jersey, and a member of Atlantic Health System. Dr. Josephson, a pediatrician in private solo practice for 18 years prior to joining the residency faculty, was a dedicated humanitarian who volunteered his time and expertise throughout his career. His love of travel, coupled with his unbridled passion for protecting human rights, took him to assist the sick and wounded children in the war-torn countries of Bosnia, Rwanda, Zaire, and Iraq and to impoverished areas of Honduras, Russia, Appalachia and Native American Reservations. Additionally, he devoted his time to the Morristown Soup Kitchen, the VA Hospital, a local public health clinic, and a shelter for battered women.
The Benjamin H. Josephson, MD Fund was founded following Ben's death in 1998 with a grant from the New York Community Trust---the Donald R. Gant Fund. The Fund is designed to encourage residents, attendings, and other medical professionals to volunteer their time to deliver medical services to underserved populations throughout the world. Although the Fund's first priority is to support healthcare professionals from the Atlantic Health System professional community, program administrators also consider applications from residents, attendings, and nurses from outside the system.

Latest Field Reports

Reports from our volunteers on location around the world.

Janice Baker, MD: OMC FM attending

Guatemala: March, 2019

 Since I first travelled to Guatemala in 2017 for my first medical mission trip, this lovely but desperately poor country has held a special place in my heart…

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Eileen Murphy, RN: Past OMC OR Nurse

Dominican Republic: October, 2018

 On October 27th, 2018 I accompanied a team of volunteers, including three surgeons, four anesthesiologists and ten registered nurses from Newark International Airport to…

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Tracey Ryersee, RN: Fastaff Travel Nursing, Colorado

Egypt: October, 2018

 This fall marked Surgical Volunteer International’s (SVI’s) 3rd trip to Mansoura, Egypt to provide top-notch cleft/palate care and laparoscopic procedures to children i n need. Our ability to…

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Maryanne Abanobi, MD:

Rwanda: August, 2018

 During August 2018, I traveled to Kigali, Rwanda to provide nerve blocks for surgical anesthesia and postoperative analgesia for patients undergoing upper and lower extremity surgeries. Upon…

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Mary Mahoney, RN: Union County Orthopedic Group

Ecuador: June, 2018

 I started planning my trip to Guayaquil in January, 2018 after receiving an e-mail request from Healing the Children seeking volunteer…

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Jeremy Sawh, MD: Ellis Family Medicine Residency, Schenectady

Uganda: April, 2018

 As we touched down on the paved runway, surrounded by red clay and grassland, I knew that my journey was about to begin. We were brought to the clinic that we would be working at for the next 2…

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