Dr. Rolando Rolandelli, UHMLA

Antigua: January, 2024

UHMLA returned to Antigua, Guatemala this past January, 6th through the 13th.

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Abigail McRea, MD: UNC Chapel Hill Pediatrics PGY2

Kenya: February, 2022

 My name is Abigail McRea and I am a second-year pediatric resident at UNC Chapel Hill. I recently traveled to…

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Varayini Pankayatselvan, MD: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Internal Medicine PGY3

Botswana: February, 2022

 It was 7:30 AM, I just arrived at Scottish Livingtonstone Hospital after my 15-minute commute where I saw several kids in their yellow shirts and black bottoms head…  It was 7:30 AM, I just arrived at Scottish Livingtonstone Hospital after my 15-minute commute where I saw several kids in their yellow shirts and black bottoms head…

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Beverly Williams, MD: Greater Lawrence Family Health Center PGY2

Ghana: September, 2021

 The instant we landed in Ghana, Western Africa, I became tachycardic. My heart was racing with excitement, anticipation, and…

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Kelsey Greenwald, MD: Mass General & Brigham and Women’s Hospital EM PGY3

Sierra Leone: April, 2021

 I spent four weeks at the Koidu Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, training local community health workers and…

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Brittany Canfield, RN: UMASS Amherst College of Nursing

Honduras: February, 2020

 My clinical experiences in Guachipilincito, Honduras and the communities surrounding Camasca, Honduras were amazing, educational, and eye-opening. Throughout my…

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Jennifer Kim, MD: UC San Diego Anesthesia Fellow

Rwanda: February, 2020

 I had the privilege to travel to Kigali, Rwanda in February 2020 to help provide regional anesthesia for Rwandan patients and teach the University of Rwanda …

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Kendal Hanger, MD: MMC Pediatrics PGY3

Honduras: January, 2020

 Stepping off the plane in Cap Haïtien I was full of excitement and joy. Glad to have the opportunity to return to a country and people who have captured my heart on a previous…

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Bernadette Sylla, MD: MMC Pediatrics PGY2

Haiti: January, 2020

 Going on this trip to Haiti was by far one of the most rewarding experiences in residency so far.…

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Janice Baker, MD: OMC FM attending

Guatemala: March, 2019

 Since I first travelled to Guatemala in 2017 for my first medical mission trip, this lovely but desperately poor country has held a special place in my heart…

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Tracey Ryersee, RN: Fastaff Travel Nursing, Colorado

Egypt: October, 2018

 This fall marked Surgical Volunteer International’s (SVI’s) 3rd trip to Mansoura, Egypt to provide top-notch cleft/palate care and laparoscopic procedures to children i n need. Our ability to…

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Eileen Murphy, RN: Past OMC OR Nurse

Dominican Republic: October, 2018

 On October 27th, 2018 I accompanied a team of volunteers, including three surgeons, four anesthesiologists and ten registered nurses from Newark International Airport to…

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Maryanne Abanobi, MD:

Rwanda: August, 2018

 During August 2018, I traveled to Kigali, Rwanda to provide nerve blocks for surgical anesthesia and postoperative analgesia for patients undergoing upper and lower extremity surgeries. Upon…

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Mary Mahoney, RN: Union County Orthopedic Group

Ecuador: June, 2018

 I started planning my trip to Guayaquil in January, 2018 after receiving an e-mail request from Healing the Children seeking volunteer…

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Jeremy Sawh, MD: Ellis Family Medicine Residency, Schenectady

Uganda: April, 2018

 As we touched down on the paved runway, surrounded by red clay and grassland, I knew that my journey was about to begin. We were brought to the clinic that we would be working at for the next 2…

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Laura Kaufman, MD: Greater Lawrence Family Medicine PGY2

Ghana: March, 2018

 “How long has he been unable to walk?” I asked the son of the patient seated in front of me. We were in a hot clinic room within the rural hospital in Nalerigu, Northern Ghana, which these two…

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Daniel Mendez, DO: VCU-Shenandoah Valley FM PGY-2

Honduras: February, 2018

 After my previous medical mission trip to Honduras, in the summer of 2013, with my medical school (Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine), I was eager to head back. At that time, I had…

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Jacqueline Darcey, MD

Nicaragua: February, 2018

 Being a part of a medical mission to a poor village in Nicaragua was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, behind only Haiti…

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Julia Tse, MD: Lawrence FM PGY3

Guatemala: February, 2018

 For two weeks I volunteered at Hospitalito Atitlán, a nonprofit hospital located in Santiago, a town in Guatemala with the majority of people of Mayan indigenous heritage. I rounded with the…

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Grace Corbi, MD: Lawrence Family Medicine PGY3

Nicaragua: January, 2018

 The Lawrence Family Medicine Residency for the past fifteen years has worked with the Bridges to Community organization to provide medical care in the Mongallo region of Nicaragua. This was my…

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Oluwafisayo Tunde-agbede, MD: Morristown Medical Center OB/BYN PGY 4

Mali: November, 2017

 I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when I decided to go on the trip to Mali. I was very excited as it was the first time I was going to an African country that was not Nigeria (where I was…

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Kody Nilsson, MD: Wyoming Family Medicine PGY 2

Honduras: November, 2017

 As I made the terrifying landing into the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, we started the 6 hours journey to the clinic I quickly learned that each mile traveled from the capital the country…

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Crystal Marquez, MD: Middlesex Hospital Family Medicine PGY2

Guatemala: September, 2017

 Motorcycles, tortillas and fever, oh my! In the Peten Department of Guatemala, where the weather is really hot, mosquitoes and bad roads are abundant and chronic diseases of hypertension and…

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Alyssa Tilly, MD: University of North Carolina IM/Peds PGY3

Malawi: May, 2017

 I spent the past month working in the Pediatrics Department at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi, a small country in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the poorest…

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Melissa Tullock, MD: Goryeb Children’s Hospital Pediatrics PGY2

Haiti: May, 2017

 The very first patient that sat down in front of me had an abscess encircling the inner border of his eye that had been growing for a week. The child barely reacted as he listened to me explain…

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Samantha Cappetto, MD: University of Kentucky Pediatrics PGY2

Ecuador: May, 2017

 My experience in Ecuador was priceless. As a pediatric resident physician, I discovered how important it was to learn from the community their beliefs and practices at home which were impacting…

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Yelena Aronchik, MD: Goryeb Children’s Hospital Pediatrics PGY2

Haiti: May, 2017

 As I stepped off the airplane in Cap Haiten a wave of excitement spread over me. It had been a dream of mine to be part of a global health trip since junior high school and it had finally come…

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Elizabeth Verna, DO: Ellis Family Medicine PGY 2

Uganda: April, 2017

 This recent trip to Uganda has given me many valuable lessons at a time when I was feeling burnt out in my residency. The opportunity to make a difference for the people there has reignited my…

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Ned Palmer, MD: University of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Children's Hospital IM/Peds PGY3

Nepal: April, 2017

 I get first day jitters. This is a problem I've had since I was much younger and I know exactly what to expect. The walk to Patan Hospital, however, set a new bar for first day jitters. Dodging…

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Merranda Holmes, MD: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital IM/Pediatrics PGY3

Cameroon: April, 2017

 My experiences at Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon have undoubtedly been some of the most impactful in my career thus far. I spent my days running the pediatric and internal medicine wards,…

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Bharat Allam, MD: MMC Internal Medicine PGY3

Nicaragua: March, 2017

 Our team was composed of fourteen physicians and other individuals who provided logistical support. We provided care for the people of San Pablo, which is about ten miles east of Masachapa.…

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Jennifer Thompson, MD: University of New Mexico Urogynecology Fellow

Rwanda: February, 2017

 The International Organization for Women and Development, Inc (IOWD) is a non-profit charity based at the Kibagabaga District Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda dedicated to three primary goals:…

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Kimberly Downes, MD: MMC Pediatrics PGY3

Haiti: February, 2017

 Stepping off the airplane in Cap Haitien, my first impression of the country was sheer beauty. Craggy green hills and clear blue skies stretched out around me. Then as we drove for hours over…

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Chelsea Harris, MD: Lawrence Family Medicine PGY2

Nicaragua: January, 2017

 In January, I joined 2 faculty and several of my resident peers on a service trip to the RAAN Nicaragua. I am grateful for the opportunity and the support the Josephson Fund provided me. During…

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Jacklyn Cheng, MD: Greater Lawrence Family Medicine PGY3

Nicaragua: January, 2017

 In February, I traveled to Nicaragua with three other residents, two attendings, and a nurse for a 2 week global health rotation. We spent most of our time in a government health post in…

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Kim Block’s, RN:

Haiti: January, 2017

 I just returned from my third medical mission to Haiti with Hands Up for Haiti. Leading this trip was Atlantic Health System attending pediatrician Dr. Hement Kairam. Haiti is a beautiful…

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Ruben Hernandez, MD: Indiana University School of Medicine FM physician

Nicaragua: January, 2017

 As the accompanying faculty member on the ENALCE Global Health Elective, I worked for a week with three MS4 medical students and Nicaraguan physicians and public health workers in various…

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Brooke Lamparello, MD: Albany Medical Center Family Medicine PGY2

Uganda: January, 2017

 During our two weeks in Uganda, a team of family medicine doctors volunteered in a rural health care clinic in Ddegeye, called Engeye. There we not only cared for the village inhabitants but…

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Oluwafisayo Tunde, MD: Morristown Medical Center OB/GYN PGY 3

Haiti: January, 2017

 I always knew I wanted to incorporate global health into my career as a physician. I waited until my 3rd year of residency because I wanted to have enough experience to be able to effectively…

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Janice Baker, MD: Overlook Family Medicine faculty

Guatemala: January, 2017

 After dreaming of following in Dr. Ben Josephson’s footsteps for many years, this January I made my dream come true by joining my life-long friend Hilary Bartels, MD in Guatemala on a week-long…

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Fatema Abdulhussein, MD: Morristown Medical Center Pediatrics PGY2

Haiti: January, 2017

 My interest in global health was stimulated during my undergraduate years when I travelled back to my birth country to work with my cousin in health clinics in the Kibera slums of Nairobi,…

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Elliott Woodward, MD: Massachusetts General Anesthesia Fellow

Ghana: November, 2016

 The Ghanaian healthcare system is not fully equipped to independently provide surgical services for the >5,000 children born with congenital heart disease (CHD) in the country each year. With…

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Bhumy Davé, MD: Northwestern University Medical Center Urogynecology Fellow

Rwanda: October, 2016

 I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the Benjamin H. Josephson Fund for supporting my medical mission to Rwanda. The purpose of this mission was to provide care to women with…

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Theodore Hausler, MD: Albany Family Medicine PGY3

Uganda: February, 2016

 This February I went on a medical mission to Uganda. Our team consisted of 8 physicians; 4 residents and 4 attending physicians. It was a good mix, everyone was kind, receptive and easy-going.…

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Claire Thomson, MD: Brown Family Medicine PGY2

Honduras: February, 2016

 The three weeks I spent in Guachipilincito with the Brown/Shoulder to Shoulder brigade were a fantastic next step in my global health education. As one of the brigade leaders, during the first…

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Nicholas LeFevre, MD: Greater Lawrence FM PGY 3

Uganda: January, 2016

 I recently traveled to Mbara, Uganda for 3 weeks of working on the ground with the Obstetrics residents at the Mbarara University of Science and Technology. MUST is the second largest teaching…

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Anthony Valdini, MD: Greater Lawrence Family Health Center FM Attending

Nicaragua: January, 2016

 "Thank you," to the trustees of the Josephson fund for your help with expenses related to our recent trip to the RAAN in Nicaragua. I led a group of attendings, residents and a medical student…

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Lilian Mekhail, MD: Morristown Medical Center Pediatrics PGY3

Haiti: January, 2016

 They say you can leave Haiti but Haiti never leaves you. My January 2016 global health trip to Haiti taught me a lifetime of lessons that I will never forget. Secondary to a winter storm, our…

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Tara Hobbie, MD: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Pediatrics PGY3

Malawi: December, 2015

 I thought my eyes had surely deceived me when I stepped into Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi. Imagine three to four children on a bed with no linens in a stiflingly hot children's…

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Elizabeth Figuracion, MD: Jamaica Hospital Medical Center PGY3

Guatemala: November, 2015

 It was humbling moment for me. It was the first day we gathered outside of the clinic to address all of the people that were waiting for us. We welcomed them and it was amazing to see the…

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Liza Lizarraga, MD MPH: Morristown Medical Center, OBGYN PGY4

Haiti: November, 2015

 Cap Haitien, Haiti is a city struck with poverty, and its population's access to basic medical care is limited by a short supply of medicine, medical equipment and a lack of basic…

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Erin Basset Novoa, MD: Greater Lawrence FM PGY

Ghana: September, 2015

 Working at the Baptist Medical Center in Nalerigu Ghana was a whirlwind. We started work as soon as we landed in Nalerigu. That day we did evening rounds, where Dr. Morehouse our pediatrician…

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Gayrleen Blemur, RN: Morristown Medical Center

Haiti: August, 2015

 This summer I had the pleasure of traveling with the organization Hands Up for Haiti on a pediatric public health focused mission trip for one week from July 26th to August 2nd. The focus of…

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Kim Block, RN: OMC RN

Haiti: May, 2015

 This was my second mission with Hands Up for Haiti. Each day, Monday through Friday, we were in a different clinic, in a different village in the north shore of Haiti, or in Shada, the slums of…

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Robert Brenner, MD:

Haiti: April, 2015

 There were other such situations but I believe this gives you a flavor for what we were up against. One of our clinic days was spent in a set on a plateau higher in the mountains. It was about…

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Kathy Braico, MD: Glens Falls Medical Mission

Guatemala: April, 2015

 As always, our mission saw many patients whom we know well, as well as many new ones.…

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David Newman, MD: University of Pennsylvania, Emergency Medicine

Uganda: April, 2015

 Thanks to the generous support of the Benjamin H. Josephson, I spent 6 weeks in East Africa, teaching point-of-care ultrasound to front-line physicians at two of the region’s busiest hospitals.…

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Nicole Comer, MD: University of Wyoming FM PGY2

Honduras: March, 2015

 Imagine living in a community where children walk an hour and a half for middle school, where doctor and dentist are only available two weeks a year, and where patients like yourself walk up to…

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Louis Saddic, MD: Brigham & Women’s Hospital Anesthiosology PGY3

Rwanda: February, 2015

 Team Heart is a volunteer organization comprised of doctors, nurses, and technicians that travel to Rwanda to perform open heart surgery on patients with rheumatic heart disease. Surgery takes…

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Colleen Morris, RN: MMC Ortho RN, Project Helping Hands

Uganda: February, 2015

 Traveling to a third world country to provide medical treatment was the reason I became a nurse. I always knew that helping the underserved and those who have nothing was what I truly wanted to…

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Mahvash Mujahid, MD: Fairfax FM Attending physician

Honduras: February, 2015

 Virginia Commonwealth University in contingency with Shoulder to Shoulder, Inc. and Fairfax Family Practice afforded me the exceptional and unique opportunity this year to engage as an active…

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Joanna Wnek, MD: AHS Pediatrics PGY2

Haiti: January, 2015

 I did not know what to expect when I made the decision to go to Haiti on a volunteer medical trip. Of course I did my research so I knew that I would be practicing medicine in a 3rd world…

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Matthew Kynes, MD: Brigham & Women's anesthesiology PGY2

Kenya: December, 2014

 In 2015, Kijabe Hospital will celebrate 100 years of providing excellent medical and surgical care to rural communities in central Kenya. As a visiting anesthesia resident at Kijabe, I was able…

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April Rosalez, MD: University of Wyoming FM PGY3

Honduras: November, 2014

 Arriving in Honduras was a life changing experience. It was the first time I had been in a third world country, and my first medical mission. I have been training for this kind of experience…

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Priya Soni, MD: MMC Pediatrics PGY3

Haiti: November, 2014

 It was a hot Thursday morning. One of the nurses had graciously offered her personal home for us to set up a make shift clinic inside of it. We rearranged some furniture, sifted and divided the…

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Cynelle Murray Kunkle, MD: Johns Hopkins UroGyn Fellow

Rwanda: October, 2014

 I would like to thank the Benjamin H. Josephson Fund for supporting my medical mission with the International Organization for Women and Development (IOWD) to Kigali, Rwanda. My primary goal…

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Susan Wilhoit, MD: MAHEC FM resident

Ecuador: September, 2014

 Chronic disease is winning in urban Ecuador. The neighborhood surrounding El Centro Medico would be considered a "food desert" in the US. Much like the urban populations of the United States,…

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Elizabeth Fitzgerald, MD: Peds EM Fellow, UNC Chapel Hill

Malawi: July, 2014

 Having spent two years living and serving in Malawi, I feel like I had very realistic expectations about what my experience would be like volunteering at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in…

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Eric Lazar, MD

China: April, 2014

 An April visit to the Women's and Children's Hospital of Chengdu in Sichuan Province, China illustrates both the contribution and limits of charitable work in a developing medical system. When…

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Patricia Eaton, DO: MMC Pediatrics PGY3

Haiti: April, 2014

 It is now a month after the return of our week-long trip to Haiti. Although I've returned to work and the life I was living before, the images of each moment I experienced still flash through…

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Kristen Pastor, MD: Brigham & Women's Hospital Anesthesiology resident

Rwanda: February, 2014

 I had the privilege of participating in Team Heart's annual cardiac surgery mission trip to Kigali, Rwanda. Team Heart, a nonprofit organization founded in 2007, works to provide care for…

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Neha Khinvasara, MD: ICAHSMS Pediatrics PGY3

Haiti: November, 2013

 I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Haiti and provide medical care through an organization called Hands Up for Haiti. This was a one week medical mission, with a team of physicians and…

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Daniel Murphy, MD: University of Wyoming Family Medicine PGY3

Honduras: November, 2013

 Having traveled to Agua Salada, Honduras I have come to appreciate the complexity and necessity for medical services in this area. Being a resident physician in the United States, practicing in…

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Catherine Mygatt, MD: Greater Lawrence FM PGY 2

Ghana: November, 2013

 Heat. Odor. Pain. Body fluids. Work. Need. Reward. Learning. Lots of it.…

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Douglas Demo, RN-Overlook Medical Center

Guatemala: October, 2013

 On October 19-27, 2013 I traveled to San Raymundo, Guatemala with Refuge International as part of their medical mission program to provide primary care, dental care, and surgical services to…

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Nicole Panza, MD: MMC Pediatrics PGY 2

Haiti: April, 2013

 I recently returned from a medical mission trip to Haiti. On arrival to Port-au-prince, we traveled to Cap Haitian. We were then transported to Bod Me Limbe, a small, rural village in northwest…

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Saira Alimohamed, MD: Emory University Pediatrics PGY3

Guatemala: April, 2013

 This April I had the good fortune to complete a one month rotation at the Hospital Nacional Pedro de Bethancourt in Antigua, Guatemala. The Hospital Nacional is an academic public hospital…

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Jonathan Mendelsohn, MD: Brown FM PGY 2

India: April, 2013

 In April 2013, I had the opportunity as a third year resident to volunteer with the Himalayan Health Exchange program in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The month-long medical…

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Becky Elder, Family Nurse Practitioner, Boise, Idaho

Peru: April, 2013

 The day after returning from Iquitos, Peru I wrote in my gratitude journal what I was thankful for. Thankful for clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, fresh fruits and vegetables to eat,…

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Mary Kate Hattan, MD: Greater Lawrence FM, Massachusetts

Nicaragua: January, 2013

 I cram in the back of a pickup truck with two attending physicians, another resident, a physician's assistant, our Nicaraguan guides and boxes of medical supplies. The heavily potholed dirt…

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Mikel Anne Hofmann, MD: Georgetown FM PGY3

Jamaica: August, 2012

 In August 2012 I had the privilege of volunteering at the PRM Homeless Shelter in the small rural town of Port Antonio, Jamaica. I had met the Medical Director of the Shelter, Dr. Paul Rhodes,…

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Sarah Murray, MD: Georgetown FM PGY1

Argentina: August, 2012

 Last month I had the wonderful opportunity of doing an international rotation in Tanti, Argentina. Tanti is a small mountain town (population ~ 5,000) in the sierras in the province of Cordoba.…

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Anthony G. Del Signore, MD: PGY-4 Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Cambodia: July, 2012

 I was fortunate enough to join a medical mission trip led by Global ENT Outreach to Phnom Penh, Cambodia from July 15 to July 20, 2012. This was the largest volunteer group to date for our host…

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Stephen Popovich, MD: VCU Medical Center IM PGY 2

Honduras: June, 2012

 I arrived in San Pedro Sula Honduras at mid day on a Saturday in early June 2012. We were a group of about twenty, 4 residents, three attending physicians, and a pile of dedicated students in…

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Inieke Ikpe, MD: University of Wyoming FM PGY3

Rwanda: March, 2012

 As my plane taxied towards the gate at Kigali International airport, I could see the glittering lights over the valleys out yonder. This country had risen out of a very dark and painful chapter…

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Maria Gisella Alvarez, RNC, BSN

Ethiopia: February, 2012

 Over the past 16 years I have had the opportunity to participate in several medical missions. Each mission has touched me in a very special way; sometimes it has been the people we helped, or…

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Kavita Mishra, MD: Brown OB/Gyn PGY3

Rwanda: February, 2012

 The International Organization for Women and Development is an organization dedicated to its mission to help women with obstetric fistulas in Rwanda. The group performs three surgical mission…

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Beth Bromberg, MD: Opthamology Attending, NY

Haiti: February, 2012

 We arrived in Cap Haitien on Saturday afternoon and drove out to the Open Door mission in Bois de Lance. On Sunday morning we went to church and noticed a child with a red eye. After services,…

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Neil Gokal, MD: OMC Family Medicine resident

Nepal: February, 2012

 My first introduction to healthcare in Nepal came with the realization that political battles of medicine are everlasting. The Jaya Buddha Hospital, a private not for profit organization in…

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Lucinda Beamer, RN: Inova Healthcare, Virginia

Ecuador: February, 2012

 As an operating room nurse and veteran of many surgical missions over the past twelve years, I traveled with Ecuadent Foundation to Salinas, Ecuador February 3 - 11, 2012. Our primary mission…

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Hanna Yoon, MD: Fairfax Family Practice PGY

Haiti: November, 2011

 I was fortunate enough to participate in a medical mission trip to Jacmel, Haiti with a non-profit organization, Community Coalition for Haiti (CCH). I went with a team comprised of 3 surgeons,…

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Deborah Renelus, MD: VCU Fairfax Family Medicine PGY3 resident

Haiti: November, 2011

 We landed in Port au Prince and walked out of the airport into what felt like a hot 90 degree summer day. Perhaps it was because it was actually 90 degrees, or maybe because of the long sleeves…

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Ethan O'Connell, MD: University of Wyoming FM PGY3

Honduras: November, 2011

 When I arrived in Agua Salada, Honduras, I went for a hike and came across Maria one of the midwives and a community figurehead walking slowly up the trail to her home. I spoke with her in…

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Jilu Varghese, MD: OMC Family Medicine PGY3

Haiti: November, 2011

 As my plane taxied towards the gate at Kigali International airport, I could see the glittering lights over the valleys out yonder. This country had risen out of a very dark and painful chapter…

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Catherine Albright, MD: Rhode Island Women & Infants-OB PGY 2

Himalayas: October, 2011

 The Himalayan Health Exchange is an organization that for over a decade has brought in Western medical teams and set up camps throughout the year to secluded regions in the Himalayas. I…

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Mariecel Pilapil, MD: Mount Sinai, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics PGY-3

Cameroon: October, 2011

 The first 5 weeks of my trip were spent at BBH which is located in Kumbo, a small town in the Northwest province of Cameroon. The Children's Ward treats both medical and surgical patients and…

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Makini Chisolm-Straker, MD: Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Emergency Medicine PGY3

Liberia: September, 2011

 Down the driveway, the design of opulence awaits. Tucked safely from the bustling Tubman Boulevard, gated from the blind beggars and one-legged tramps, protected from the direct blare of…

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Kristina Kypuros, MD: UT Health Science Center Pediatrics Critical Care Fellow

Mongolia: September, 2011

 Currently, I am a third year pediatric critical care fellow at the University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHSCSA). I want to take this time and thank The Benjamin H. Josephson, MD fund for…

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Kohta Saito, MD: MSSM IM/Peds PGY3 resident

Cameroon: September, 2011

 After arriving in the country, we immediately drove to the Banso Baptist Hospital. Located in the relatively small town of Kumbo, the latter part of the drive there consisted of unpaved roads…

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Francisco Silva, MD, MPH - Pediatric Resident, Morristown Medical Center

Haiti: September, 2011

 I just returned from spending a week in the Bas Limbe region of northern Haiti. While there, I was the sole dedicated pediatrician. I worked with a family physician from Canada, an emergency…

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Yadwinder Dhillon, MD: MMC Internal Medicine Resident

Guatemala: July, 2011

 I have served rural and underserved populations before so I thought this experience will not be much different and shall not be any more challenging. For sure I was in for a surprise.…

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Marilyn Riddel, RN: Center for Plastic Surgery, Maryland

Ecuador: July, 2011

 I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude for The Benjamin H. Josephson, MD Fund�s support for my participation in Ecuadent�s July 2011 Medical Mission to…

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Luu Doan, MD: Brown University OB PGY2

Kenya: July, 2011

 During my six-week rotation at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya, I worked 60 hours per week on inpatient wards. I also spent time in specialized outpatient clinics including…

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Susan S. Malley, MD: OB/GYN Attending Physician, Westchester Health Gynecology

Haiti: July, 2011

 (Beyond the mountains, more mountains). Before travelling to Haiti this summer, I researched the needs in Haiti (and they are many). As a gynecologist, I was drawn to their desperate need for a…

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Elizabeth Kirkham, MD: MSSM Pediatrics PGY3 resident

Liberia: June, 2011

 The state of healthcare was deeply damaged by the 14-year civil war that took place in Liberia from 1989-2003, and the need for pediatric care particularly dire. In a conference I attended…

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Megan White Bonser, MD: Pediatrics PGY1, University of Kentucky

Ecuador: May, 2011

 I recently returned from an amazing trip to Ecuador to participate in the Shoulder to Shoulder May Medical Brigade. My primary purpose as a pediatrics resident was to provide acute care for…

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Kumapley Lartevi, MD: Family Medicine PGY2, Georgetown University

Haiti: May, 2011

 On January 12, 2010 Haiti was struck by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, the country's most severe earthquake in over 200 years. By February the Haitian government confirmed a death toll of 230,000.…

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Hayley Teich, MD: Mount Sinai Pediatrics Attending Physician

Haiti: May, 2011

 My colleague, Dr. Mana Mann, and I arrived into Port au Prince on Saturday and were taken directly to Bernard Mevs Hospital by Medishare representatives where we remained until our flight home…

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Leslie Pierce, MD: Mount Sinai Pediatrics PGY 2 Resident

Bangladesh: April, 2011

 In April 2011, I had the opportunity to travel to Bangladesh and help train local health care workers to treat common pediatric illnesses, screen for malnutrition and provide direct care to…

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Doug Douville, MD: Family Medicine Attending Physician, Salt Lake City, Utah

Haiti: April, 2011

 On 15 April I flew from Newark, New Jersey to Port Au Prince, Haiti. I was traveling with a team sponsored by the Coty Group. This organization was founded some 28 years ago as an exchange…

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Scott Renshaw, MD: Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, Indiana University

Honduras: March, 2011

 Awesome. Thrilling. Humbling. Stirring.…

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Teresa Babineau, MD: Eastern Virginia Medical School FM Attending Physician

Honduras: March, 2011

 EVMS makes a medical mission trip annually to Honduras to work with the non-profit group Global Medical Brigades each year for Spring Break. The trip is not financed by the medical school but…

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Courtney Juliano, MD: MSSM Pediatrics PGY3

Bangladesh: March, 2011

 I spent the month of March providing medical care to patients in rural Bangladesh. After landing in Dhaka, the capital, it was a ten hour bus ride to the coastal district of Chilmari and then a…

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Monica Rani, MD: University of Minnesota Internal Medicine PGY3

Uganda: March, 2011

 Uganda has a population of 32 million people. Given that there are a only a handful of dermatologists to serve Uganda's population, I was unsure of what to expect. Patients came in from across…

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Deborah Skovron, RN: University of Maryland Medical Center

Ecuador: February, 2011

 THANK YOU for the support provided by The BJF that enabled me to participate in a wonderfully successful surgical mission in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. This was my 12th mission to this tiny country…

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Yetunde Orafidiya, MD: MMH Pediatrics PGY2

Nigeria: December, 2010

 I traveled to Abuja, Nigeria in December of 2010 to work in a facility that treats over 7,000 underserved patients annually. There, I spent most of my time in the inpatient pediatric ward, as…

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Jill Gora, M.D.

Mexico: December, 2010

 In December 2010, I joined a team of 53 medical volunteers on an inaugural Operation Smile medical mission to San Crist�bal de las Casas, in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Dedicated to providing…

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Sachin Nagrani, MD

Honduras: November, 2010

 I departed early Thursday morning on November 4th from Washington, DC. In the morning, we drove into the mountains of Honduras. By the time we passed La Esperanza and arrived in Pinares, we had…

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Karen Abrashkin, MD — Mount Sinai Internal Medicine PGY 3

Cameroon: October, 2010

 I was assigned to work as an attending on the women's ward for my month at the Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Mbingo, in the Northwest Provence of Cameroon. The ward consisted of 28 beds all in a…

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Edward O'Neill, MD

Uganda: September, 2010

 During the period of 9/21-10/8, I traveled to rural Uganda to train community health workers called VHTs and to spend many days in meetings in Kampala and Mukono shoring up our program. The…

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Ranisha Patel, MD

Bangladesh: August, 2010

 With help from the Benjamin Josephson Fund, I spent the month of August 2010 living and working on a small ship which houses a floating hospital that provides medical care to the people of…

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Larissa Dobransky, MD

Honduras: July, 2010

 I was hoping that the trip to Honduras would open my eyes to the reality of medicine and to the potential I have to give back to communities as a physician. I don't think I could have been more…

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Ijeoma Okogbue, MD

Honduras: July, 2010

 I had the opportunity of being part of a group of medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses and medical students who went on a mission trip to Honduras to provide medical care to individuals in…

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Esgar Guarin, MD

Honduras: July, 2010

 The arrival happened at San Pedro Sula's airport, in the northern section of Honduras. The flights took place without delay. Once on Honduran soil, we started approaching each other to know…

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Kira Skavinski, MD

Argentina: July, 2010

 The goal of Palliative Medicine is to ease the suffering physically, emotionally, and spiritually of patients with life-limiting illness. At FEMEBA's developing Palliative Care program in…

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Ronald Carzoli, MD

Haiti: June, 2010

 On June 7-12, 2010, I accompanied a surgical team to Haiti through the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation. Our team traveled to Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti, an area in rural Haiti approximately 60 miles…

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Aaron Rodocker, MD

Ecuador: May, 2010

 During the week of May 14-21, 2010, I had the distinct privilege of traveling with colleagues from different medical specialties to give free health care to communities in Ecuador. It was the…

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Purnima Patel, Cytotechnologist: Virginia Hospital Center

Mexico: April, 2010

 With the help of a grant from the BJF, I spent a week in a small community in Chiapas, Mexico working with Grounds for Health, a non-profit organization that provides sustainable cancer…

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Scott Levine, Paramedic

Haiti: March, 2010

 On March 3rd, I departed the United States for Haiti as part of an ongoing relief effort. I was recruited by a grass-roots organization of doctors, nurses, paramedics, medical technicians,…

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Brian Peterkin, MCMS, PA-C

Haiti: March, 2010

 I am a licensed physician assistant in Orthopaedic spine surgery who recently returned from a medical, dental and developmental response to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. What I discovered in Haiti was…

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Catherine Harris Boston, MD

Honduras: March, 2010

 I had the good fortune to find a unique opportunity working with Global Healing International in their pediatric clinic on the island of Roatan, Honduras for the month of March 2010. My primary…

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Katarzyna Kimborowicz, RPh

Cambodia: February, 2010

 After twenty hours of airplane and three hours of bus ride, we finally arrived in Kampong Thom. Kampong Thom is a province located at the central point of the Kingdom of Cambodia. We were there…

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Grace Shih, MD

Honduras: February, 2010

 We were off to a rocky start because as soon as we landed we found out that one-third of our team had their flight delayed due to the winter storms in the northeast. With our team and supplies…

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Donald J. Artes, NPS

Ecuador: February, 2010

 I traveled with the Ecuadent Foundation on their February 2010 medical mission to Ecuador. Our mission took place in the public hospital, San Vicente de Pa�l, of the town of Pasaje. Our medical…

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Emily Halldorson, ED Tech

Haiti: February, 2010

 I spent the week of February 7th in the Dominican Republic and Haiti helping with the earthquake relief effort. I joined the Foundation for Peace in one of their weekly trips to Jimeni, a small…

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Sheryl Brown, MD

Uganda: February, 2010

 Arriving in Uganda for the second time I felt even more anxious compared to my first trip in 2009. I had a new role this time working with six amazing medical students and my mentor Dr Elguero.…

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May Nguyen, MD

Lesotho: February, 2010

 Before my elective in Lesotho, I spoke to others who had been. I understood that Lesotho is one of the poorest African nations, has one of the highest rates of HIV and TB in the world, and that…

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Michael Leonardo, MD

Phillipines: February, 2010

 I was fortunate to take part in this year's mission sponsored by the University of the Philippines Medical Alumni Society in America (UPMASA), which took place in Siaton, Negros Oriental about…

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Rollin Oden, MD:

Malawi: January, 2010

 My initial plans had been to work in the operating room at Bwaila but most obstetrical surgery in Malawi is performed by clinical officers and medical officers and Bwaila is an important…

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Erica Fish, MD

Uganda: January, 2010

 I arrived in Uganda in a small airport in Entebbe. Our volunteer group was picked up in cabs and driven 3 hours into the country. The roads were treacherous and bumpy as we headed towards our…

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Amish Tilara, MD

India: January, 2010

 As I walk to the local clinic I see a line outside of about 40 people waiting to be seen. There was no system of making appointments or an insurance plan that requires you to go to a certain…

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James D Weisfeld-Adams, MD

Cameroon: December, 2009

 With the help of a $750 grant from the Benjamin Josephson Fund, I spent four weeks as the supervising pediatrician at Mbingo Baptist Hospital, Cameroon. Mbingo Baptist Hospital is a small (180…

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Debbie Brunner, MD:

Dominican Republic: November, 2009

 We completed seven busy days at the clinic set up in the local elementary school in the community of Paraiso, about a 45 minute chaotic drive from our hostel in Santo Domingo. We were 3…

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Sarah Fellers, MD:

Dominican Republic: November, 2009

 Our trip began on November 5, 2009. Our group consisted of two attendings, two residents and four medical students from the VA/DC/MD area. Each day, we left our hostel at 8:00 am and headed in…

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Cindy Hwang, MD:

Taiwan: November, 2009

 Between the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan and the Pacific Ocean, lies the beautiful Hualien County. Twenty-five percent of the population is of aboriginal descent, of which the majority live…

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Sanam Roder, MD

Ghana: July, 2009

 I was called at 5:20am, "Please, Doctor, I cannot place the cannula." I rode my bike to the hospital through a freshly plowed field. In the distance I could see fog rising from the Oti river,…

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Andrea Mendelsohn, MD, MPH: Ghana

Ghana: July, 2009

 I spent three weeks this summer working with a team of five other physicians at the Baptist Medical Center in Nalerigu, Northern Ghana. I rounded on the pediatric, adult medicine, and…

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Rebecca Eleck, MD

Guatemala: June, 2009

 As a family medicine resident, about 400 patients call me their doctor. During office visits, I can generally figure out what to do, whether it be searching Up-To-Date, consulting a textbook,…

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Jamie Bamford, MD

Ecuador: May, 2009

 Being my second trip to Ecuador with this medical brigade, I thought I was prepared and had an understanding of how it all worked and what the patients would need. However, I quickly realized,…

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Aiyin Chen, MD

Taiwan: May, 2009

 After twenty hours of airplane and seven hours of train-ride, I arrived at Taitung, a quiet city surrounded by mountain cliffs on the west and lined by the Pacific Ocean on the east. In many…

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Shazia Bashir, MD

Peru: May, 2009

 Cervical cancer is the number one cause of cancer deaths in Peruvian women 15 to 64 years old. Peru's cervical cancer incidence and mortality rates are among the highest in the world, with an…

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Cristyn Watkins, MD

Honduras: February, 2009

 After hiking one hour in the sweltering heat in the rural mountains of Honduras, our guide opened the gate and led us into a small mud-brick house. Our guide was the grandson of an…

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Sujoy Menon, MD

India: January, 2009

 During the month of January of 2009, I had the singular opportunity to visit a rehabilitation clinic in Kolkata, India. Before I go any further, I would like to introduce Kolkata as a city on…

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Thomas Ball, MD

Honduras: November, 2008

 I wish to thank the Benjamin H. Josephson, MD Fund for support of my recent medical trip to Pinares, Honduras. I feel it was a very successful trip. I departed Washington, DC on Wednesday,…

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Joanna Quigley, MD

Ecuador: August, 2008

 I never imagined a trip to Ecuador would include a house visit to a 97 year old woman in a Tsachilas community. We traveled to provide clinical services to this community which is located…

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Colin Widener, MD

Ecuador: August, 2008

 Traveling to a developing nation is exciting, nerve raking, and can be dangerous. Forty-five members of the University of Kentucky set off to Ecuador. The brigade, led by Dr. Tom Young,…

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Jennifer Hobbs, MD

Nigeria: August, 2008

 In August I joined a team of approximately 50 volunteers to Taraba State, Nigeria. Ten of us were from a program called Global Health Outreach, and the others were native Nigerians working with…

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Therese Floyd, RN

Honduras: August, 2008

 I have been working as a volunteer nurse in a mission with the Missioners of Christ and Light of the World Charities in Comayagua, Honduras for the past 5 months. What an amazing 5 months it…

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Michael Stevens, MD

Honduras: June, 2008

 In June 2008 a group of healthcare professionals from Virginia Commonwealth University, in association with the non-profit group HOMBRE (Honduras Outreach Medical Brigada Relief Effort)…

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Tonia Reid, MD

Ecuador: May, 2008

 The mission trip to Ecuador this last May was awesome. The country side and people are beautiful. It was a joy to spend time learning about their culture and providing medical care to the needy…

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Tameika Howell, MD

Honduras: May, 2008

 Since I was a medical student, I sought opportunities to travel to underdeveloped countries in hopes of making a difference in the health care there. I didn't have much to offer in terms of…

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Katarzyna Kimborowicz, PharmD

El Salvador: May, 2008

 I recently participated in a short term medical mission trip to El Salvador. Our team is one of 52 mission teams that go all over the world and is organized by Global Health Outreach, the…

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Craig L. Katz, MD

Belize: May, 2008

 My BHJ funded trip to Belize had two major goals: (1) to see for myself the field work which the Global Mental Health Fellows (Mount Sinai School of Medicine psychiatry residents who apply to…

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Jeffrey Borkan, MD

Honduras: May, 2008

 A meaningful adventure filled with a multiplicity of endearing people, beautiful vistas, healthcare, dramas, and even intrigues. It started with a striking night entry by our family, met by…

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Cristyn Watkins, MD

Peru: May, 2008

 My trip to Peru in May, 2008 with the International Cervical Cancer Foundation was the most inspirational travel of my life. The purpose of the mission was to screen for and treat cervical…

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Carl Valenziano, MD

Dominican Republic: April, 2008

 The following is a synopsis of my surgical mission, week of 4/7/2008, in the Dominican Republic.…

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Elizabeth Buchen, MD

Peru: April, 2008

 I have known Dr. Alan Waxman for about 6 years (since my third year of medical school), and this year, as a fourth year OB/GYN resident, I was invited to accompany him to Peru with the…

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Pooja Shah, MD

Lesotho: April, 2008

 I learned that barely a month in the country of Lesotho can envelope a traveler into the arms of the land and people. The Basotho are kind, warm & grateful (and often speak so very loudly!).…

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Hasmukhlal Shah, MD

Dominican Republic: April, 2008

 The medical mission in Santo Domingo was an opportunity not only to treat the needy patients but touch the hearts of an underserved community which requires not only medical help but health and…

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Christine Gesualdi, RN

Honduras: February, 2008

 While I understand very little about what these people are saying to me, one thing is quite obvious...they are grateful. We saw 209 indigents on our first day. One man didn't want to take his…

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John Wilson, MD

Guatemala: February, 2008

 On February 9th I traveled to Guatemala City as a physician/resident, with a surgical team from Healing the Children, Northeast- a Connecticut based, non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer…

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Winston Liaw, MD

Honduras: January, 2008

 In June of 2007, 24 silver impregnated, ceramic water filters were sold to rural Hondurans for 20 Lempiras (approximately $1 US). House visits were performed and water samples were obtained…

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Katherine Cole, MD

Honduras: January, 2008

 As part of our January 2008 Fairfax-VCU Brigade trip to Pinares, Honduras, we screened women for cervical cancer. The process involves using vinegar to stain the cervix and visually inspecting…

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Bharati Mullick, MD

India: January, 2008

 This is a brief chronological account of my trip offering volunteer medical services to the children in poor and un-reached communities in India between January 04, 2008 and March 28 2008.…

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Braden Hexom, MD

Honduras: October, 2007

 Hospital Mario Catarino Rivas, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, is a large public hospital and trauma center in the country's second largest city and primary industrial center. Serving a population…

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Michelle Pham, MD

Vietnam: October, 2007

 I returned to the country where I left shortly after I was born, yet everything felt foreign to me. Prior to my departure for the medical mission trip in October 2007, I read books about…

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Grace Shih, MD

Honduras: September, 2007

 My trip to Honduras consisted of a wide variety of work ranging from direct patient care to public health assessments. The first stop was a 4-day stay with the community of Colomarigua,…

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Ines Digenio, MD

Guatemala: September, 2007

 The health care system for people in the communities I visited is very precarious. There is total scarcity of resources (equipment, medicines, health care workers) which makes providing quality…

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Thomas Radosevich, MD

Malawi: July, 2007

 During the entire month of July, 2007, my family and I traveled to, and resided in, Embangweni, Malawi while I volunteered as a physician in clinic and hospital for the Church of Central Africa…

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Lorraine Tosiello, MD

Medical Service Trip to Tanzania for AIDS Prevention and Services: June, 2007

 Dr. Tosiello's trip to Tanzania focused on assessment and delivery of HIV education and services. The trip began with a visit with officials from the Elizabeth Glaser Foundation and the…

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Ravi Shah, MD

Honduras: June, 2007

 Thank you again for supporting my medical volunteering in Honduras. The week was definitely a significant experience, much more so than I had bargained!…

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Traci Mosher, MD

Honduras: June, 2007

 I went on a medical mission with the HOMBRE brigade affiliated with the Virginia Commonwealth University College of Medicine. This is part of an ongoing venture where physicians and medical…

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Mervet Asfour, MD

Peru: May, 2007

 As our plane landed into the city lights of Lima Peru, images of the women we saw last year appeared. Excitement, fear, hope and faith consumed me. I prayed I would see the women who sometimes…

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Maria Pantano, MD

Peru: May, 2007

 My international experience to Peru with the International Cervical Cancer Foundation, "CerviCusco", provided me with one of the most eye-opening and educational experiences of my life. The…

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John and Don Allegra

Honduras: April, 2007

 John Allegra, an emergency medicine physician in Morristown Memorial and his brother Don Allegra, an infectious disease physician in Morris County, recently returned from a 10 day medical…

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Dr. Young Kim

Mexico: March, 2007

 Through Acts Community Church, I participated in the Oaxaca, Mexico Dental Service Trip from March 17 to March 24, 2007.…

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Cai Ling Wang,MD

Cameroon: July, 2006

 Through the grant I received from the Benjamin Josephson fund, I was able to travel to Cameroon to work at the Mbingo Baptist Hospital as a pediatrician for 3 weeks. The hospital is situated in…

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Nader Ewaida, MD

Oklahoma: May, 2006

 I had the opportunity to spend one month at Choctaw Nation Health Service Authority. The Choctaws are one of the well known Five Civilized Tribes, so designated because of their advanced…

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Kevin J. Souza, DPM

Vietnam: May, 2006

 In May 2006 I traveled to Vietnam as part of The Vietnam Medical Project, a small group of doctors who help serve the indigent population at The Danang Orthopaedic Center, Danang, Vietnam. I…

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Robert Eidus, MD

Mississippi: February, 2006

 I spent February 6-10 as a volunteer doctor in clinics along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. I was given a temporary emergency medical license to do so. The sponsoring organization was the…

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Bani Vir, MD

Dominican Republic: February, 2006

 "Bienvenidos a la Dominicana!" I was welcomed with the warm greeting and a kiss on each cheek by the man holding up the sign that said Doctora Vir. I would later find out that he was the…

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Anne Marie Werner, MD MPH

Guatemala: October, 2005

 Anne Marie's trip to Guatemala followed a two week experience she had had as a fourth year medical student working with local health promoters. This trip took her to the Las Cruces and San…

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Rhona Magaril, MD

India: February, 2005

 Dr. Rhona Magaril, a OB/GYN in private practice in Springfield, New Jersey, spent 10 days in Cusco, Peru on a medial trip sponsored by ASCCP (American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical…

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Allen Menkin, MD, MS

Addis Ababba, Ethiopia: February, 2005

 Dr. Menkin traveled to Ethiopia to work with Ethiopian refugees at one site and then onto an orphanage to care for HIV infected children. The sponsoring organization, AHope for Children,…

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Jeff Heck, MD

Honduras: January, 2005

 The January 2005 Honduras Brigade of Shoulder to Shoulder was filled with a large variety of projects, numerous day trip clinics to remote communities, a four day stay in the community of Los…

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Richard Paris, MD

Honduras: March, 2004

 In March 2004, Dr. Richard Paris, a 1996 of the Overlook Family Practice Residency, joined a mission team to La Entrada, Honduras, where he and several other physicians and nurses spent two…

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