Francisco Silva, MD, MPH - Pediatric Resident, Morristown Medical Center

Haiti: September 2011

 I just returned from spending a week in the Bas Limbe region of northern Haiti. While there, I was the sole dedicated pediatrician. I worked with a family physician from Canada, an emergency physician from Bermuda, and local Haitian physician as we carried out a vaccination "blitz" campaign. The goal of the campaign was to ensure that all children under 5 years of age are vaccinated. We continued the work started back in March and June of this year by the preceding medical teams. Along with vaccinations, we also reviewed nutrition, identified those at risk, and treated any current underlying medical conditions. Preventative care was also a goal as we dewormed all patients. During my week, we treated and vaccinated over 300 children throughout the Bas Limbe region. Along with donated medical supplies that I brought down, I also received a generation donation of soccer balls from local soccer league organizations in Morris County.